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What do you do for work


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Nov 22, 2004
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Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV
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instead of talking about what i do at and for work, ill post pics. you dont have to do the same, im just bored!

get sat on

load bombs


sleep and listen to music

and of course carry a gun while deployed
what is the glowing belt?
reflective belts... odd, yes. we have to wear them during the hours of darkness on base so we are then visible... dumb during a deployment. i thought being deployed you wanted concealment
judging from the last picture you posted, your jacket covers it. lol
to answer your question, im an environmental scientist.
You all can thank me when you bump your cars into things at less than 3 mph with the result of no monetary damage because I make the bumpers. I'm not the one who decreased the regulation from 5 mph to 3 mph though, so don't come hang me when you have damage at 5 mph.
I fix (mod, really) planes.
I belt around in Audi's, BMW's and Citroën Berlingo's all day (when they ask me to) and get paid sod all for it.
Why don't you just mold the bumper in plastic that is the same color as the car and spray a flexible clear coat over the whole thing
? Instead of painting it and having the paint crack & chip off?
Because I was using the word bumper in the general sense. It is actually a bumper assembly which consists of a steel beam, molded expanded foam energy absorber, and molded sheet plastic facia cover. I make the foam energy absorber.

It would probably have to do with $$$$$$! GM and the rest are not likely to spend twice as much for parts from their suppliers that it would take to mold in colors, speaking now of the injection molded facia covers.
Hey, "Jeep-Man-Josh"!! ...My hubby is an Avionic Tech!

Me....??? Well, lessee....I started out as a nurse (RPN), and then I did some reception work at a doctors office.....then I became a stay-at-home-mom (BEST job of all!!!!), and now that my kiddies are in school I've started working as a supply Educational Assistant. I hope to get more regular, but still part-time hours in the near future!!
Take pictures- Just wanted to say that first picture looks crazy. :)

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