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Nov 30, 2007
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Hey guys!
I borrowed some of my sons toys/cars and tried to take some pics of them outside in our garden.The trees in our garden made some shadows from the sun and let me set the models is some different way so as to get the shadows and sunlight.
tell me what do you think of these?..what could i do to get better pics?
Any comments apreciated ;)


i like em. number 2 looks a bit to sharp. did you sharpen them in photoshop if u did get rid of it.. makes it have a bumpy look to it.
I did sharpen the pic a little.
Here i removed it...does it look better?
ha yes it does.. nice shots but that sharpen threw me off alot lol. i like the original much better.. nice work bro. and nice ride is it your real ride? lol
Thanks...and I wish it was my real ride:lol:...my real ride is only a Saab 95T.
I did sharpen it because of getting the smaller details to show better...maybe not a good idea!
ya dont let the sharpen tool fool u. alot of people do that but its very easy to over sharpen which u went a slight bit over im guessing over 63%ish so it makes the rocks look more fuzzy than stone.. am i making any sence? lol
Well lets say i gotcha!;)

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