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Jun 8, 2010
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I have been asked if I'll do an hour's shooting of a friend's two kids (one is 5, and the other is a few months old). I don't have a studio, or any studio lights. For lighting, all I have is the built-in flash, and as noted in previous threads, I have a couple of old flashes that I can trigger with optical triggers. I have a Canon 400d, 18-55mm kit lens, 75-300 basic zoom, M42 (manual) 28mm f2.8, M42 35mm f2.8, M42 135mm f2.8, M42 50mm f1.8 all which can be fitted with an adaptor, but I have manual focus, obviously.

She wants both posed and "at play" shots
Question: What sort of kit would people use for this "casual" but "paid for" photoshoot? There's no pressure, but it is my first shoot.

I think I'd try to find some nice,bright open shade around 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM,and shoot outdoors with the 18-55 zoom at around ISO 320 to 500, to ensurer adequate depth of field and adequate shutter speed on the older kid, playing. Outdoors, the 75-300 AF lens would also come into play,again, keeping the ISO at 320 to 500, due to focal length, image magnification,and potential blurring from movement of the subject and yourself. Involve the older child in some type of activity at a table or bench outdoors, and then step back and shoot as the child plays. Watch the background for ugly thinngs like lattice work, flower pots, woodsheds, etc,etc.

The child that is a few months old...infants at that age can barely do ANYTHING...they cannot sit up, they can barely keep their heads up...and a 5 year old cannot safely help them pose unless both you and the mother are right there, assisting, and that takes some skill and familiarity with baby posing, which you probably do not have.

The infant will need to be positioned "in" something...his baby buggy, a bouncy seat, a large chair and propped with pillows,etc,etc...the older sibling might not have much use for the baby yet,either, which really infuriates most mothers, but is a fact of life.
Thanks for that, Derrel,

I'm not certain of their "garden circumstances", so might have to get out and about for this...we'll see. I know how difficult it'll be with the little one, I also have a "4 and a half and three-quarters" daughter, and a 18 month old. Trying to get them BOTH doing something for a shot will be a nightmare!

I have writ large, the words "Watch the background for ugly things like lattice work, flower pots, woodsheds, etc,etc." indelibly on my brain...although the customer is less likely to see these things.

I told her I'd drop the pics, untouched on a CD, and she could choose the 20 or so she really liked and I'd see about any post processing that needed to be done (for more money, of course!). She agreed to that.

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