what is causing this on my pictures????!@?!?


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Aug 15, 2006
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Ok, I bought my wife the new canon power shot A2000IS. It does takes great pictures. Super fast shutter and awesome image stabilizing for a point and shoot. When we uploaded them to the computer, the images are cut in sections with off colored sections. Non of this shows up on the camera viewing screen. I am using an el cheapo pny 8gig sd card, and picasa to upload.... here is an example of one of the pics


they are not always blue tints, sometimes it is just darker than the rest of the image, but it is always in a nice sharp section of the image and notice that the sections might not line up perfectly

is this a camera or chip doing this?
Try formatting the memory card in camera.

Does that memory card work okay in another camera?

Did you try another memory card in that Canon?
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I have gotten this in the past with corrupt files. I had a drive crash once and sent it off to be recovered. When I got it back some of the images showed up like this.

I would have to say it's a card thing. Try other cards, or try those cards in a friend's camera. Format the cards.
I had the same thing happen to a few of my shots but only when viewing them with ACD when Iopened them inLightroom 2 they were fine. :confused:
Format the card IN CAMERA!
Take test shots under a variety of conditions.
Use a card reader, not through camera.
Simply open the window on my computer.
View the photos.

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