What is he thinking?


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Jun 17, 2015
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Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India.
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Dear Friends,
I happened to be around, watching the last of the setting sun and the myriad possibilities that it threw up. One side of the lake was lit up while the other was in relative shadow. I saw this little boy sitting there all alone in a corner lost in a world of his own. Would love to know what the Lil' one was thinking?
Made this shot at the banks of a small water body in upper Dharamsala India and I have been careful with my post processing this time. :D

Would love to know how I fared here please?


What is he thinking watching the last of the golden showers? by jasiiboss, on Flickr
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The kid needs a verrrrrrry subtle dodging on his hair--but it must be done verrrrry carefully, so as not to appear heavy-handed. And on the left side lower corner, clone out the white T-shirt guy(?) And in the trees, on the left, clone out the yellowish speck, and clone out that white speck. BOOM! Awesome shot ensues!

This is obviously a carefully-considered photograph, and has good balance and tranquility, and a very nice visual payoff with the boy seated there on the bank.
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Thank you Derrel, that came in mighty fast. Obliged mate. ;)

I guess for the moment I'll dodge from the dodging bit, as this is the 4th shot that I have tried processing, I am sure I'll screw it up. :D

Can you point out the other visual defects on the pic please?
Might be a tinge too yellowish on the WB? The clouds in the sky...maybe a bit of the gray blob on that one could be color-corrected...but overall, this photo has just a few clone-tool clicks needed. I always suggest doing the processing QUICKLY, then waiting a week or two and returning to the shot, to see the way things "feel" to you, rather than working and refining over and over,multiple times, or spending a lot of time on the first go-around with an image. I sometimes will do two, or even three very FAST Lightroom workups on an image, then move on, and come back a week later and see what I think.
The little boy is dwarfed with all the trees around, but what a nice scene. The idea that he is taking it all in as a child, something many adults don't take the time to do.

Really nice image.

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