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Apr 23, 2021
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Hello All I just joined this great site,Iam new to collecting vintage camera's. I got a box of vintage box camera's this piece was in it.
I have done research on this part I think it's a flash box the piece has no name on it.
If Iam wrong does anyone know what this piece is called?
Thank you


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You need to post photos that show the whole thing but from what you have posted it appears to be a viewing hood for a rollfilm camera.
A hood with a magnifying glass for focusing.
Looks like a waist level finder. Back in the day, I used one on a Rolieflex TLR. Open the waist finder hood to see the focusing screen, flip a magnifier up for more detailed focusing, and I could even flip an exterior plate down to reveal "sport mode" and shoot that parallel instead of looking down. Pretty cool for the TLR camera of the time.

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