What is this object know as? Used in scarf photography


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Jul 15, 2013
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This image: what is this steel rod know as ?

Shiny metal stick

Probably a hanger rod or something like that.
Shower rod or closet pole.

(grammar correction)
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Definitely made from smuggled rare-earth elements...I can tell.
This image: what is this steel rod know as ?

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I recognize this immediately, it is from Manfrotto - see attached screen shot - and I used it myself a long time ago.
It says out of order, it is probably no longer made. I think you might be able to get such a chrome-colored pole in a well-stocked DIY store, but I think you should also try companies that sell curtains and draperies, there is a good chance that they also sell these kinds of poles/ rods. In addition, buy 2 cheap (lamp) tripods and 2 clamps to hold the pole and you have the same result.

This is quite a group...!!

I'd probably go GK's route if I was serious about doing enough product photography to make it worth it. But since I'm not, if it was just going to try it or for a one time thing, I'd go with Scotty to the Home Depot!

And ignore Jeff, and Snowbear, and cgw... and Sharpshooter definitely no jousting!!
I agree with shower curtain rod.

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