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what kind of pp is this?


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Jun 13, 2010
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I was wondering what kind of post proccessing is this? i have always admired the way this type of pp was done and never knew how to do so is there a name for it?

The background color has obviously been changed, and it looks like the clarity and contrast have been boosted. A vignette has been added (but it looks like it's only on the background).

I don't know that there's a specific name for it...

What software do you have? This would be pretty easy to do in Lightroom.
BigMike hit it right on the head :) thanks bro. and O|||||||O i use aperture 2 :)
The effect of course, starts with the lighting.

Also, please link to photos you don't own...Thanks.
one of my friends.
If you have permission from the owner of the copyright, posting it here is perfectly fine.

...Just one of the little quirks of the forum.

I personally don't see the difference between " www . whatever . com " and "

The link by itself is fine, but throw those IMG tags around it ... oh man, you're in trouble now...
one of my friends.
If you have permission from the owner of the copyright, posting it here is perfectly fine.
Not really...

TPF doesn't enforce all their rules to the same degree.

Verbal permission is not enough according to TPF's rule. http://www.thephotoforum.com/forum/faq.php

It say's you need permission, that you can submit to them. (Like in writing so they can have it on file)
The basic idea is, TPF is who would likely be faced with a BS infringement suit and need the permission, not the person that posted the photo.

For many photographers and other creatives, copyright infringement is an everyday issue. Unfortunately, so many people using the Internet think that anything and everything on it is in the public domain, when it's not.

The average person is generally clueless about copyright and how it applies to any kind of intellectual property, be it a book, a song, or a photograph.

Considering the number of people who visit TPF daily (mostly non-members), it's a good place to reiterate that the vast majority of photographs, and other content online are copyrighted, and require permission from the copyright owner, to take and use.

However, you can link to the same online material all-day-long, and be both ethically and legally, safe and sound.
I know OnOne Phototools has a film type listed as "Contrast Mask" that gives a similar effect.
also check on Lucis Art

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