What lens for photographing insects?


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Dec 9, 2007
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I'm getting ready to purchase a Pentax K10D, with a 18-250mm zoom lens, here:
and a 50mm/f1.4 lens, here:

I'm also getting the kit lens that comes with it. I see photos on here of insects and things like that. Really close up so that you can see the hairs on their legs and lenses in their eyes. What kind of lens does that? I realize that it's a macro lens. What type of macro would be better suited for that type of stuff? An 18mm or a 100mm? I'm thinking that the 100mm would get in closer right? Thanks!
Noob here but if I'm not mistaken the 100mm would allow you to get the same picture from further away from the object. So say you want a picture of an insect that tends to jump whenever you get too close to it you're more likely to get the picture with the 100mm because you won't have to be as close to get the same picture.
Well you could get a macro lens. Gets you up close and personal.
didn't see you already knew that lol.
Well there is a lens is a 105mm macro. I know of one by nikkor Pretty sure there iss others. Gets real close. haha someone else on here probably knows better than me. Check the Macro thread a few posts down.
If your going for bugs I would suggest the longest Macro/Micro lens you can get. Gives you more working room and you have less of a chance of freaking out the little bugs.

I use either a 200mm Micro Nikkor or a 70-180mm Micro Nikkor.

Sometimes I'll even use a 2x converter.

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