What Lighting Kit for Wine?


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Mar 7, 2006
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I plan to take photo's of wine bottles and glasses of wine both in a large shooting tent (I just discovered this and it looks perfect for seamless product shots – how good are they?) and on location at winery tasting rooms. I’m looking for a lighting kit in the $600 (preferably much less) range that could work for both of the photo situations I described above. I'm checking out light kits at BH Photo, and am not sure which the best one is.

I found this kit at BH Photo for $164.95:
Impact Digital Light Sheds Kit, Large - consists of: 2 500W Tungsten Floodlights with Reflectors, 18x18x27.5" Shooting Tent, Light Stands, Bulbs - 1000 Total Watts

This seems awfully cheap – is this kit of lesser quality? And is this the right kind of set-up for what I need?

There are some kits that include Omni-lights but they’re much more expensive. I don’t mind spending the additional money, but what makes them more expensive?

This one for $699.99 looked really cool:
Lowel DV Creator 1 Tungsten 3 Light Kit - consists of: Pro-Light, Omni-Light, Tota-Light, Umbrella, Barndoors, Gel Frame, Gels, Flag, Light Stands, Bulbs, LB-30 Soft Case - 1500 Total Watts

What are the benefits of a Tota-light?

I know these are a lot of questions but I greatly appreciate your help!

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