What projects can I do with a Nikon D50?


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Jan 24, 2014
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大田, South Korea
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Hello All,

I'm picking up an old Nikon D50. I was thinking of converting it to a full spectrum IR. Are there any other projects that would be worth trying with an old DSLR?
Any project.
I've used my D50 to photograph sprint car racing at night using it's max ISO and to photograph the Moon through my telescope.
Photos from both of those shooting situations are here on TPF.

The D50 is something of a wonder.
Up to it's max ISO of 1600 it delivers very low noise photographs as long as you get the exposure right.
The D50 has 3 color mode/space options - 2 sRGB color space options plus Adobe RGB.
IIRC the D50 is the only Nikon DSLR that has that.

The D50 came out after the D70 and was Nikon's first entry-level DSLR but has a focus motor and AF screw-drive in it.
The D40 took the D50's place in Nikon's DSLR line up because Nikon market research determined that women DSLR buyers wanted a DSLR smaller than the D50. To make a smaller camera the AF motor and screw-drive had to go.

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