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Jul 2, 2013
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My mentor is meeting one of his designers and he invited everyone involved in this project to attend... Meanwhile he is trying to turn me into a production manager but this hasn't taken into effect yet, I feel I need to attend this meeting but should I just sit back for now? How should I act during the meeting?
Sorry, but I'm not sure we have enough information about this to make a good/safe comment. However, I found out not to pretend and act like anybody until you are that person. If you feel like you need to go...go...but don't come across as a guy that has the "position" or cocky. Sorry, kinda lost in all this, but good luck.
Oh I'm sorry, I am an aspiring photographer still trying to find my niche. And I am currently following a fashion photographer in the DC metropolitan area. And he wants to help me learn the business better by turning me into his production manager. But knowing him, he would want me to learn and do my research and then come to him so he can critique me on it.... Now I'm headed to this meeting but it's primarily to meet with his designer... I was wondering if I should just sit bac and watch since this position just started?
How should I act during the meeting?

Just be quiet and listen. Watch your mentor for clues as to when to talk, if ever. Be cordial, supportive of your mentor, and always very polite. Try to remember everybody's name, make some notes (inconspicuously) if you have to. Never look at your watch. Turn off your cell phone. If you are asked a question, make sure you understand the question, and then offer a very concise answer, and then shut up again.

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