what size for re-size?


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Nov 25, 2007
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been experimenting with my camera, and was wondering what size to resize my pics to.
example, regular pic size, portrait sizes? things like that.

Do you mean what size should you print? Or do you mean should you crop them a certian way? I'm thinkin you have a certain thing in mind...but you dont' know how to tell us...

regular size and portrait size aren't really sizes as far as I know...

Do you mean regular (4x6) and portrait (8x10)? Perhaps that's what you mean.

I personally like using the whole picture I took...so 4x6 or 12x24 are probably my favourite sizes...but there's plenty you can do with cropped images like 8x10s and 5x7s and all those nice ones.
yeah, 4x6 and 8x10 is what i meant. sorry.

ive cropped out a bit of some, but i dont have any experience when it comes to printing pics.
does the printer hardware automaticaly resize it to fit the size your trying to print? im completly new to all of this.
If you use photoshop or other image editing software, then you select the crop tool, you can specify a particular size, like 4x6, then it will give you a box, which maintains the correct ratio and you can drag it over the portion of the frame that you want.
4x6 will pretty much be your whole shot, unless you want to crop a smaller area. 8x10 however, will cut off some 2 inches on the long side, why these two different ratios became the two standards is beyond me.

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