What tripod to use for short hikes with Pentax 67 II and 45mm lens


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Apr 11, 2004
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Getting ready for a trip to Yellowstone park and would like to get some good landscapes slides with my Pentax 6X7 II and 45mm lens on a tripod. Just wanted to get some opinions on which tripod to use. I need it to be fairly small and lightweight but sturdy enough to adequately support my camera and lens. I don't want to spend more than $400 and I was looking at the Induro Carbon Fiber CT113 which has a load capacity of about 18 lbs. Also, what type of head should I use and is that very important for ultimate photo sharpness? Any opinions of what you heavy camera guys would use would be great.
The tripod should be fine in terms of weight capacity. A three way head makes getting horizons level easier than with a ball head.

When I backpack a 6x7 rollfilm SLR for landscape work I always replace the prism on the camera with a waist-level finder. That saves a lot of weight. Then because the camera does not have to be supported at eye-level a shorter (lighter and easier to carry!) tripod works nicely. And yes, the tripod is essential for ultimate sharpness. I could never understand photographers who would go to the effort and expense of hand-holding a large camera in the field just to lose random frames to visible camera-shake.

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