What type of photography would this be classified as, and is it any good?

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Sep 4, 2010
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Hi there, and thanks in advance for any assistance you could offer. I've recently gotten into photography, and lately I've been producing some abstract images derived from my nature photos. You can see what I mean in my folder here on Deviant Art (please see the larger ones in zoomed-in view to get an accurate sense).

I'd like to get a better idea about this particular area of photography, but before I can do a Google search I need to know what 'category' these types of photos would fall into! This is the main question I'd like to get help with in this thread. So far I have been unable to find an appropriate category in which to include my photos on Deviant Art besides 'miscellaneous', and in my brief search I haven't found information about it elsewhere, either. Fractal art is the closest descriptor I've found, but I think what I'm doing would definitely be considered as distinct from fractal art...

Comments regarding the nature of the field or area of photography in question, such as if it's very saturated, if there's lots of demand, if it's well known, etc, as well as comments about how my photos would measure up in the professional scene, are also surely welcomed.

Thanks very much for any information!
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Try Kaleidoscope

Search on google using kaleidoscope or kaleidoscopic art and you will get photos akin to yours :) Hope that helps and is near enough to what you were looking for :)
Thanks for the reply, Kalni. Kaleidoscope photography looks very interesting, and it might even be giving me some ideas. But I wonder if it's the descriptor I'm looking for though, because the stuff I've done isn't at all circular in pattern. Do kaleidoscopic pictures need to be circular in structure? Certainly the majority I could browse on Google are circular...

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