What was the last thing that put a smile on your face?


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Jul 13, 2003
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Hearing my little girl( 3years old) on the telephone and hearing her kiss the speaker like it is daddy she is kissing..... :D
I bet you are Nukie , have a good one!!!! I am sure you even take pictures of the garbage can and the neighbour you hated before ...... just to practice.....
BMW-M6 said:
Driving that BMW last thursday
So when can we expect to see some photos of the shoot? :p

QP said:
I am sure you even take pictures of the garbage can
I did that before actually :)
when my hubby said to me this morning, "please mommy, i want u to buy me something" :lol: ... he's so silly .. but he's cute when he acts "childish" :oops:

but he's too big to be changing diapers :?
Discovering my bestman's wife also the Matron of Honor had an entire set of dark room in her basement she "picked up at a yardsale for 10 dollars..." :thumbsup: Oh yeah. I am gonna learn developing. :study:
my best bud karen cracking a joke as we drove off after work tonight

oh and my superpooch darcy going crazy when i came home frm work
Helping my mum carry a tumble dryer into her house that my brother had given her only to find he (and his wife) had left a load of wet washing in it!
Knowing i was right and my boss was wrong and letting him admit he was wrong........biggggggggggg smileeeeeeeee
We are devided in two pieces in our country, means the french and the dutch part, i am coming from the dutch part and my boss the french part so he said the french part provided 55% of the export in our country and I was quit sure the dutch part provided 61% of our export !!!!!! so i showed him black on white i was right and he was VERY wrong .... very important when you selling in Belgium....... SO He was like hmmm ok you are right ... hehehe first time in three years he admits something.... :D

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