What's a Nikkor AF 35mm "non-D" F/2 worth?


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Oct 29, 2008
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Metro Atlanta
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Can't find much similiar on eBay completed sales right now, think I know what they sell for new, know what the "D" lens is selling for, just not sure about the one I have as a used lens.

It is a nice used lens that I am thinking about selling if I can get a fair price for it, once I figgure out what that fair price is.

It IS one of the earlier Serial # lenses, but NO signs at all of any oil on blades, so it must have already been repaired sometime in years past. Blades are clean and clear, work smoothly. Glass has some minute specs inside, nothing at all serious that would affect IQ.

Exterior of lens looks good, lens functions well, images are clear and sharp.

Would come with both Nikon caps and your choice of either a UV or Skylight filter. Does not have any original box or papers.

Will ship to forum members...

Also, will gladly send actual photos of this lens, and photos taken with it, to interested parties.

Thanks for any information about value that anyone here can offer.

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