What's cuter than a portrait of a 6 month old kitten?

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Sep 9, 2004
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Okies...the past few days I've been tweaking out the used D7000 I picked up a few weeks back. Turns out the sensor had a bit of oil spatter (took a while to clean up) and with my Tamron 70-300mm LD, there was a wee bit of a front focusing issue. Anyways, since the weather's been kind of crappy, I decided to chase my own critters around the house for a bit to get some test shots.

So, as the thread title implies, what's cuter than a portrait of a 6 month old kitten?

How about a shot of the 6 month old kitten examining the post processing work of his own picture?


No...seriously...and you think you have some harsh critics?

(yea...I know the focus is a bit off on that last one...he told me...I still haven't calibrated the camera for the18-55mm lens yet)

Comments welcome...enjoy!
What's cute than a portrait of a 6 month old kitten? DUAL portraits of a 6 month old kitten!!

Oil spatter....yeahhhhh...that can be tough to clean off of a sensor.
...hang on....I think there's a problem with the clone tool in Photoshop...

...it's like looking into one of those "infinity mirrors" from the 70's, LOL!
BTW...in case anyone's wondering, his name is Louie (or "Louie da Tigger") and he's a rescue in the truest sense...we had found him next to our garage at 10 weeks old. We had debated for a while on whether we were going to keep him or not...we had wanted another kitten for a while, but on his first vet visit he had been diagnosed with feline leukemia and we also have an older cat and I didn't want to put her at ANY risk. After some debate we brought him indoors and kept him isolated for a couple of months. He was retested about a month ago and I'm VERY happy to say that the tests came back negative and he's now a healthy, happy kitten with full run of the house (although our older cat, Brindle, wasn't all that thrilled...). Fortunately he's FINALLY curled up in my lap as I'm typing this, so maybe I can finally get some work done....
A portrait of your 10 week old kitten.

I can do that! :tongue-new:

Here's a shot of Louie as we first found him...

We had been working in the backyard one day and my wife heard this little squeak of a meow, so she went to investigate...after she called me over for a look, I ran in the house an grabbed the camera. His Mom (or at least the cat we THINK was his Mom) was right near by, but she didn't seem to have a problem with us...in fact here some 4 months later, she stills comes around and visits occasionally (we think one of the neighbors is actually taking care of her now).

We had originally named him "Tasha"...we didn't realize he was a boy until the vet pointed it out (LOL). At the time that shot was taken, he was about about a pound and a half...just a really tiny little ball of fuzz. The next day we had taken him into the vet for an evaluation (again we had wanted a new kitten anyways) and that's when we found out about the feline leukemia, so we put him back outside until we could make a decision...it was still summer and he seemed fine out there and again we didn't want to put our other cat at risk.

Right from the git-go, he seemed pretty fearless...even as a stray, he wasn't really afraid of our dogs or anything and he'd come over to us in the backyard and just hop in my wife's lap. What made us finally pull the trigger though was that one day he managed to get in between the backdoor of the house and the screen door (there was a rip in the screen) and we saw him glued to the back door window, like one of those stuffed Garfield cats people put in their cars (I -wish- I had gotten a pic of that! LOL!), so we opened the door and let him in...kept him confined to the kitchen and the basement until it was time for him to be re-tested.

Needless to say, the little nebbish wormed his way into our hearts (and home) pretty quickly.
Fun series thoroughly enjoyed reading this and the pictures, well I just had to chuckle.
Cute cat and wonderful story.

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