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Nov 25, 2007
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I know this picture is kind of lame but I just wanted to know what is technically wrong with the negative if anyone can help? It's 5x4 and beyond repair but this is an extreme case of what I usually get.


And here.

A couple important questions:

1) What film is this?

2) Is this a scan from a print or a neg?

3) If it's a scan, are you doing it yourself? If so, what equipment and software are you using?
My first thought is that your software is failing to compensate for the colored film base. Have you had similar problems with other color neg films, or in other formats of film?
It looks like all you need to do is to set the end points correctly in each channel - that will compensate for the colour of the masks (Max, it isn't the the base that is coloured). Does your software have a histogram for each channel? Why do you think that it is a problem with the negative?

If you have problems you might like to try ColorNeg. I don't use it, but I know a couple of people who do.

I have CS3 and have fixed the color and the exposure. A friend scanned her neg just before me with no color shift and then mine came up like that. Is it normal then for a neg to need this much pp?
Normally the scanning software will adjust the colors correctly for you. Did you follow the same scanning workflow as your friend?
I think everyone is making the rong assumption here. Have you made any prints from this neg? are they still this dark? what are you using for lighting? it seems to me your images are just under exposed and mbye you need to change the position of your lighting what are you using?.

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