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Dec 11, 2015
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The one on the left is taken with a Sony cybershot DSC-WX150 and the the right is an iPhone 6s. They were taken at the same time of day at the same height with the same light source and the results are way different.
Any idea why or how to improve the cyber shot photo?


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The one on the left is clearly not in focus.
I dunno...it looks to me like the Sony photo is ever so slightly out of focus.
Were you using both the camera and the phone in Auto?

If so, they may have just chosen different ways to achieve the same exposure, and in the case of the camera it might have slowed down the shutter speed enough to show camera shake.

Does the camera have a Shutter Priority mode? Try using that and setting the camera at 1/100. You can also use a tripod or brace your arms against the edge of a chair or table. Just try to get the camera as still as possible.
Looking at the black lines on the skull shows that it's not shake. Same with the scales on the snake; they are the same basic exact size as in the sharp, clear photo. The black lines on the skull would show up as blurred, with a secondary image is it were shake. Look at the fine ink lines that form a cross hatch pattern. The snake scales have definite, well-contained, not-blurry border areas. So either the lens is out of focus, or it's inside its minimum focus distance, or it is simply dreadful.
focus or lens issue vs shake.jpg
I think indeed, the lens is not clean.
Or somehow out of focus...

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