Whats the only flying mammal?


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Mar 29, 2006
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The Bluegrass State
I still can't believe that I got the oppurtunity to photograph my favorite mammal, up close and personal. Its a female Eastern Red Bat (Lasiurus borealis), very common throughout the southeast. They only get to about five inches long. The most intresting thing about this bat species is that the females have four nipples instead of two like all other bats. At first I thought the bat might be hurt, if so I would have put her in my camera bag, and called a wildlife specialist. But, the bat was flying around fine, looking for a place to hang out. It's going to be a good year for wildlife photography. :boogie:

Hoppy said:
love the shots.
Did you manage to get the bat in the second shot off of your lens hood before you went home?:mrgreen:

There the same bat, the bat flew from a tree to the ground, then to a small bush. No bats on lens hood, I've had every other critter on it but no bats, not yet. Thankyou for your comments.
cool shots, i've never seen a bat sit still, i can't imagine getting lucky enough to photograph one... thanks for sharing... :thumbup:
macawlvr said:
So cool..bats are so misunderstood! The second shot is very nice.

yes they are, i have yet to understand one.... :er:

we have bat houses...( i know, ya'll wanna make up a joke there, but i am serious...)

i love to watch them at night...but i have always heard, never approach one in the day if it outside and you come upon one...

wonder if he is sick....or something...( oh, husband loves to relate to me about the females b.r.a count.... all others just have two....)
How cool!! I've heard the same thing April mentioned, just not to approach them in the daylight. That makes these shots even more special. Love how you got the wing detail. :thumbup:

She definitely has the pretty red coat she is named after. Is it wrong to want to pet her? :blushing:
terri said:
Is it wrong to want to pet her?

Don't they have sharp teeth capable of biting...? or is that me misunderstanding her...
i saw bats when I'visit native land..a lot flying during at night...and the soundz was scary..

but i like the second one..the 1st one wqs not recognize as bat..

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