When Nature Looked Into Her Mirror...


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Oct 17, 2010
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Calicut, Kerala,India
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The other day, when i was in the boat moving across the famous backwaters of Kerala, i noticed something different...those reflections Nature created of Her own in water bodies... I have never ever seen blue and green merging into such mysterious pattern..... i felt like Heaven

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SOme of these are nice abstracts:
namely: 1, 3, and 6

Interesting photos!
These look like oil paintings :thumbsup: Love #2!

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Nicely done. You sure have a good "eye" for these type of scenes.

Nature on the water, or should I say in the waters' relfection is a ever changing pattern of light, dark, and mixing of colors, based on light, light intensity, wind, and time of the year. Being a long time Bass fisherman (basically retired now), I grew quite use to seeing these type of reflections constantly changing over a season, as well as outing by outing.
Very nicely done. I always likes the compositions that offer some unique aspects. I bet the photos do not describe how you felt when you were there.
Good impressionist abstracts, especially 1, 6 and 7 (should be flipped 90 deg counterclockwise, imo) and 4, which isn't really an abstract, is also very nice.
these remind me of Monet paintings and styles..very nice

Thank you Cminus; i am a great fan of Claude Monet's impressionists style... and if you feel the same way as i do, the last photo (7th) is most near to his style

Regards :D
Good job. Catching reflections is tricky - you want the surface smooth enough so that there are reflections, but not so smooth as to make it look like a mirror. If you have the patience (I don't, but some fellow photographers do), you can use time a wavelet moving through an otherwise smooth surface to create interesting distortions. I found that even puddles can create very entertaining reflections, so it doesn't take a large body of water to make it work.

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