When to buy a camera new on the market


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Mar 31, 2009
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When I purchase a computer or upgrade to another operating system, I wait a year or two first. But would that sort of thing hold true for new cameras? Would you wait before buying a camera new to the market?

I'm looking at the new Canon EOS Rebel T1i recently announced and will probably go with that one.

Thanks! :)
The advantage to waiting is that you get more people trying it out and reviewing it, which allows you to know the pros & cons before you buy. However, this camera looks great, and improving on the XSi is almost guaranteed to prove great results. The fact is that Canon makes great cameras and buying a brand new model wouldn't be as difficult as most computer related products.
Me personally, about 3 months after release. Then I can keep tabs on what's happening on the net with the early adopters. If it appears to be going well then I'll buy, if not then I'll wait and possibly consider other options.
Yes waiting for a certain amount of time makes sense to me because, well I am sure there is software to a camera so perhaps that would be tweaked in a few months after the product is released.

I am reminded of my experience in my hasty purchase of the ipod touch. It had all sorts of problems right off the bat. But after a few upgrades to the software it is terrific now. But I don't remember how long that took. Hmmm...

Well anyways, thanks for the feedback guys! :)

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