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    It is amazing where all one can find cameras, or at least pieces or parts of Cameras. Maybe not in the way we are normally accustomed to finding the camera.

    In this Photo is a picture of a Multipurpose head from one of my machines at work. (I repair, calibrate, and generally keep in good working order.) The head picks up and places very tiny parts in order to build SMT circuit boards. In this case the cameras are used to verify that the part has been picked correctly and then math calculations are applied to the readings taken from the camera in order to apply a theta rotation offset in order for the parts to be placed correctly on the board.

    If you look at the yellow label with a hand and the red "NO" circle that is where 7 CCD cameras with small lens mounted in front of them are located. There is no shutter on this camera instead the image is just captured at the point when a strobe flashes.

    All in all I find it pretty cool (but that is just my opinion)

    What kind of interesting places have you found cameras to be out in the world?



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