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where can i find a broken EF 50 1.2? (silly thread)


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Nov 13, 2005
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this is a pretty stupid thread, but i'm honestly trying to do this. admin - move if necessary.

think if i talked to canon, they'd send a model they could not profit from? ie - a diamond-cut scratch across the rear element?
other than canon directly, who would be a good bet to get a decent piece of useless glass? doesn't HAVE to be a 50 1.2 (i realize it's new, and not very many have had the chance to get abused yet) anything from any manufacturer would work as long as it's not a big tele.. it could even be nikon but i'd prefer not to ash where i eat.

i want to make an ashtray.
check eBay. Maybe search under vintage or collectables.
Stop smoking and youll be able to afford GOOD lenses, and use them to shoot pictures...lol

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