Where did my Pics go?!?


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Aug 14, 2010
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Kansas City
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I was shooting a volleyball game today. Shot around 400 ish shots. Had some real good ones and I went outside after it was over and the sun was starting to set right over a school bus and it looked like such a cool shot. So i shoot away.

Leave the game, had a few things i had to do. Just got home, put my card in the computer, and ALOT of the pictures arent there. It shows from IMG_9790 to IMG_9999 and nothing. None of the shots towards the end of the game, of them huddled after they won, and none from the sunset.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Wooops....I looked on the card again. Apparently when you role over 9999 it goes back to 0001? In a different folder, on the same card. I found them...ha! *Face palm*
Haha i know...i just figured itd go to IMG_10000. But no, it makes a CANON 101 instead of Canon 100 folder. And starts over at IMG_0001
Just a FWIW, my Pentax recently did the same thing when it reached the 10k mark, so it's not just one manufacturer doing funky things.

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