Where do you prefer to meet your clients?


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Aug 12, 2007
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Let's suppose you have a client that wants to hire you for a job. Where do you like to meet them?
1. Starbucks
2. Your studio
3. The location where you are going to do the photography
4. Their office
since I don't have my own studio, and it's cold as hell right now outside, starbucks or a restaurant with my portfolio would be it.
1. Coffee shop (Starbucks, Second Cup)

I don't have a studio, and I wouldn't invite myself to their office ;) I like the location idea as well, but sometime I think you get more useful discussion done while sitting down, and prior to the session scout out the location alone.

Also, you can purchase their drinks at a coffee shop, which is a nice professional gesture
Peanuts has the right idea and Second Cup has better coffee than Starbucks.

the titty bar.

You really like to stir it up don't you LOL. I think that might be appropriate if you are meeting just the groom or "certain" brides but otherwise I agree with Peanuts.
studio. when i got car insurance the agent asked me to meet them at starbucks. no, of course they didn't. even when i was starting i got a small office to do meetings. it was in an older building downtown with rather inexpensive rent. maybe you starbuckers need to charge more in order to cover some overhead. take no offenses - just throwing in another angle.
Minus the fact that setting up a studio where I live is illegal. So I could either go to Starbucks or take part in some illegal beeswax :lol:

Plus, it is outside of the city, across some sketchy roads. I wouldn't want to be responsible for killing any potential clients.

It is borderline impossible to rent in the city's current market, otherwise I think it would be brilliant to set up shop somewhere.

Just a different perspective :) Of course no offense taken though. I think if you have the means to set up a studio, that is the place to meet, however, sometimes that is not practical.
wow - the way you describe it, i see you living on the side of a mountain in russia! i get your point though. in that case, i say yes to coffee shop.

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