Where have all the threads gone?

Sometimes a forum is reset if it starts taking up too much space, but , you usually see the less actives forums being cleared more often. The creative area is usually only kept to one page...
The forum doesn't so much reset as archive.
Now and then, when the place gets too full, all older posts are archived.
If you scroll down right to the bottom of the page you should see a bar.
On the right hand side you should see a menu:
Contact Us
The Photo Forum

If you click on Archive you will be able to access all threads going back to when the Board started.
I believe so.

Having checked, I'm not sure all the early threads are there. Some might have gone when we moved servers. Either Chase or Hobbes will know.
Go into your User CP (link at the top), click edit options on the left, and then look for the thread options. You can set it up to only show newer threads or to show all threads for all time, etc.

Play around in there and you should be able to find all of the threads you are looking for :D
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