Where to find cheap indoor temprary studio space if not at home?


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May 9, 2013
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Iowa City, IA
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I live in a very awkwardly laid out 1 bedroom apartment. My living room is large enough to set up a studio in, but it is cramped, and I can't get quite far enough back to avoid as much distortion as I would like or to be able to move lights as freely as I'd like, etc.

I searched and am not finding any pro studios that advertise rental space. Would probably be really expensive anyway. Another option might be my local community center that lets you reserve a suitably sized room for $30/3 hours, but it's a pain to reserve and I'm not sure they'd like commercial photography being done there.

What other general categories of spaces should I be looking for? Most other commercial space I'm finding is by the month, which is way overkill. I might use it 3 days a month.
What types of shoots are you interested in doing?
A large hotel room or suite would probably work well...as long as the cost isn't prohibitive to the shoot. I don't think you'll want the type of place that charges by the hour. :lol:

You could ask around at schools, to see if they rent classroom space. All the classes I teach are in rooms that we rent from one of the local colleges. Although, like a community hall, scheduling might be an issue.

Do you know anyone who might have access to a warehouse or any type of business that has ample floor space? You might be able to work out some sort of deal to use their space...especially if you can shoot during off-hours.

How about joining/contacting a professional photographer's association? PPA etc. That would likely put you in contact with photographers who might be willing to let you rent/use their studio space. I'm guessing that many of them don't advertise it, but they may be willing to go for it...if you are a friend or fellow member etc.
I'm not a member of an association (someday maybe) but I do have a circle of local photographer friends...and I can get studio space when I need it, if it doesn't interfere with anything they have on the go.
Call around to all of the service clubs in your area. Clubs such as Elks, Moose, etc. usually rent space. Also restaurants (banquet rooms) do, but maybe not for commercial use. Try your city departments, the auditorium, library, etc.

Your main criteria will be; how large is the space? What is the cost? What facilities may I use? (restrooms, etc.) Commercial enterprise o.k.? If I can't rent space from you, do you know of any other place I can call?

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