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Jan 14, 2009
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I was wondering if anyone knew of some where I could upload Pic/Videos. I have been currently using photobucket and I just started a account at smugmug, but I was looking more for a site that supports higher resolution for video to post in this forum and so on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I'm sorry I should have clarified more. I meant HQ pics here and Video for other forums and for sites like eBay. I read the sticky's, I'm just looking for the better quality version of photobucket to utilize my 5D MrkII HD videos
Cool I just started an account with smugmug, is there a way to post the pics like you would if you uploaded to photobucket than copy the tag and post it? Basically all I'm trying to get away from having to visit smugmug to see the videos. Instead I would like to use them for hosting. I sell a lot of bullion on ebay and other sites and I was trying to find a better way to post videos on there compared to photobucket quality.
When you host at SmugMug, just view the image/video you want to share, then click the "share" button at the top. It will take you to a page where you can select the type of link you want to use.
oh wow thanks for the noob assistance :drool:

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