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May 1, 2005
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Well I been about just not on here so much.

To be honest I been kinda hiding and I thought I owed a few people an explaination.

Couple weeks ago I was sent from work for being sick in the office and I took off to see the Doctor.

She put me on meds for a stomach disorder and then told me I had to have anouther test. Not much more was said apart from I could do with less stress and needed some time off - which I did.

on the Friday I was sent a letter for the hospital saying I needed a colonoscopy (prolly spelt wrong). Which some might know is a test for things including colon cancer. Needless to say thgis cuased a lot more stress and then caused a lot of family fights. I said I wasn't having a camera there no matter unl;ess it was a canon ;) ... kidding ...
By the monday I was a state and I called the Doc and she and I talked ... appears she misunderstood the situation and I didn't need this camera in the personal space !

Since then I have managed to lose a bit of the stress ..... no not the wife and kids under the patio ;) ... but I then caught a cold and it's hit my chest bad ... so i haven't had my camera out muich apart from my son's First Holy Communuion.

SO as soon as the chest eases ... and the better weather comes I'll be back .... until then ... I'll comment a few times and I'll pop in to say hi etc.

Oh and I am still watching for the London Meet up ... I did post a couple things in it ... ;)

Thanks for the update. You were missed. Hope you're back in top shape soon
Get well Neil & take it easy!

Really looking forward to seeing you again at the next London meetup! :thumbup:

Oh, and I've finally started posting my film shots to the meetup thread! Long & frustrating story regarding Jessops and lost/forgotten orders!:x
I had to have a colonoscopy when I was in 2nd grade...I can understand your stress. :S Try going through it when you're 7!

Hope all is well with you! :)
The colonoscopy procedure is really simple and painless. The preparation is the worst, really. Having to deal with stress, then drinking that awful and foul tasting liquid to cleanse your innards... But... It's for the best. I've done it last year and the doc said I came at the right time, another couple of years and who knows...

Hang in there and do it Neil.

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