Which camera: Canon Rebel XTi or Nikon D80?


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Apr 30, 2007
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As some of you know, I am looking to get my first DSLR for christmas. My dad and I seemed to have narrowed it down to these two cameras to choose from.

I've wanted a Nikon D80, since I hear great things from it, but it's more costly than a Canon Rebel XTi. Maybe if I bought a Rebel I'd have more money for the lense? Besides, my dad probably wants to pay the cheapest possible price.

I want this to be a long-term camera, but I'm pretty sure both of these cameras will be able to fulfill my photography needs.

So, what camera should I go with? I'm pretty sure a Nikon D80 is slightly better, but is it worth the extra money to go with one? Thanks.
The two mentioned are probably on the same playing field as far as features and quality of image, but then again so is the pentax k10d or the new sony alpha or even an olympus evolt. You will get many responses to this question and in the end only you can make the decision. Basically, you are asking which is better Canon or Nikon. It really comes down to which system you want to invest in down the road. After you pick up a few $500 and $1000 lenses you are pretty much limited to that line. Asking that question here will net answers like "You should buy X, b/c that's what I have and it's great". Don't allow others to spend your money for you. Research the two options and decide what is best for you and has the qualities you are searching for.
Yes, I've been researching a lot on these cameras. I just wonder if any body had some input to add.
My only advice would be pick them both up snap a few pictures whichever feels better in your hand and you'll use more go for that one.
I agree with monkey. I was so set on buying the canon XT until i got in store and found out how tiny the grip was.. eek, i bought the Nikon d50 and never looked back. Just go see which feels best.
I have said this before, but I think it bears repeating. I was pretty much set on buying an XTi. After all, I have a Canon film camera and two lenses to start right off with, several friends of mine had the XTi, I had used them to take some shots and everything seemed to fit. The price was good and within my budget.

Then I went into a camera shop to actually do side-by-side comparisons with the Nikon D40 (these two where on my short list). In the back of my mind, I have always wanted a Nikon, but the price kept me away. So I was still leaning towards the Canon when the sales person suggested to test drive the D80. I had done a lot of research on that one as well, but again, the price was keeping me at bay. That is until it was in my hands. It fit like a glove to me and I have never looked back.

The point being that what you have done is the right thing. Research, ask questions, have a budget. But be flexible, because until you get one of those gems in your own little paws, you don’t know how it feels. The size and weight, the layout of the controls, knobs and buttons, the menu, etc. All will be contributing factors with your ultimate enjoyment.

Try to get the old man behind you with your decision making process. If you spend more than he wants to invest, try to come up with creative ways to pay him back the extra.

Good luck on your decision.
Thanks guys, now I want to go to Best Buy to look at these cameras. My dad seems to be ok with the price of the D80, so hopefully I will be able to get one.
you should go to a shop that specializes in cameras, and photography, they'll know more about the cameras, and they will have more of a selection in products.

just had to say this because i was in a best buy today, and the sales guys who was 'helping' me, was a complete moron:thumbdown:. And i knew more than him about what he was trying to tell me about the cameras i was looking at....

right after that i went into a Henry's Shop:thumbup: - im not sure if u have these in US, but its a photography store - and they help me out A LOT, and gave me a lot of info, and let me look at many cameras, and try out many lenses on the cameras as well!

so go to a photography store! they'll hell u a lot more than best buy!
Thanks Dan, I'll keep that in mind.
The D40x is the direct competitor to the XTi. The D80 is one big step up above the D40 or XTi line.
i had this same problem.

i went to wolf camera and played with both of them and decided that the xti would fit me better.
the smaller frame fit into my hands a litter easier. and it just seemed right.

good luck.
When I purchased my first the D40 I looked at how much certain lenses were and read a lot of the reviews on photo.com and dpreview.com. Think of what you want to do in the short run, long run, career? hobby? And price what you will be putting into each system. I started out with the D40 pacakge(18-55 and 55-200 lenses) in april and in october upgraded to the D80 w/18-135. I have put in almost 3,000 in less then a year into my "system" So know what you are getting into and look at the upgrade trends, how often each upgrade body's, what lenses are available and what not. Each person is usually going to tell you to go for the camera they use, I love my D80, wife loves the D40, the boss has a cannon, I used it one day and loved that, didn't like the results, but it was my first time with that particular camera. See if you can borrow someones for a day to try out, go to the store get a feel for them, play with the settings. and look at the price of you future lenses, flash, etc... Good luck, my vote would be the D80 just cause I'm familar with it.
Thanks guys, I went to Best buy. Like Dan said though they don't really help you much lol.

Both cameras seem to fit me right, but I still like the D80. Unfortunately my dad says I can't have bad grades or I get no camera until they are raised. (right now I'm pretty sure they are bad.. ughh I hate school)

Thanks for the advice everyone.
Looks like you got the D80 finally... :D

I'm doing some research myself on the 500 dollar range. Didn't want to start my own thread but it looks like I may.

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