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Mar 4, 2012
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Hey guys! I'm new here and I'm also new to photography. I've been looking into a few P&S cameras around 150 dollars and i think I'm gonna with the Nikon L105. I really want to photograph concerts and it would be awesome if you guys could give me some tips and maybe so other suggestions for cameras and other gear.

Anything the guy at Bestbuy suggests will make you money at concerts. Just google how to put a big watermark on your photos.
Here comes the "pros" with their smart comments. The guy didn't mention anything about making money out if it.
Look into Canon Powershots and hack it with CHDK, VOILA! Instant G11.
Truthfully, you're not likely to get any good concert photos with a point and shoot camera under 150 dollars. Generally, if those shots come out good it is because someone has the equipment and knowledge of such equipment and knowledge of at least basic photography skills...

So if you are expecting to get grainy, blurry, and otherwise messed up, "normal" concert shots, then a point and shoot is for you. If you want nice pictures, you will want to save up your pennies and get yourself a nicer camera, take a few classes (at least) and take lots...and lots...and lots of pictures to gain experience. And you probably want a good flash to go with that. I wouldn't know, I haven't tried that kind of photography, and I wouldn't want to.

As for general shooting, I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS9 and I love it. Has wonderful zoom. Haven't tried it on night shots yet but I assume it's "okay". But I wouldn't try to take concert pictures with it and expect them to come out good.

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