Which flash for the sony a100?


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Dec 11, 2006
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Looking at getting a flash really soon. I noticed on adorama website they have a Sigma EF-530 listed not in stock yet. Dose anyone know how this compares to the Sony 56 model? The speck for the sigma is as follows. http://www.adorama.com/SG530STSO.html
Guide Number
@ 24mm - 92 ft / 28 M
@ 28mm - 95 ft / 29 M
@ 35mm - 102 ft / 31 M
@ 50mm - 132 ft / 40 M
@ 70mm - 149 ft / 45 M
@ 85mm - 158 ft / 48 M
@ 105mm - 174 ft / 53 M
Power SourceFour AA alkaline or AA NiCd or Ni-MH (Nikel Metal Hybride) batteriesVariable PowerFull to 1/16Recycle Time6 seconds (when using alkaline batteries)
Approx. 4 seconds (when using NiCd, Ni-MH batteries)
Number Of FlashesApprox. 220 flashes (when using alkaline batteries)
Approx. 100 flashes (when using NiCd, Ni-MH batteries)
Illumination AngleAutomatically set in accordance with the focal length of the lens, in a range from 24 mm to 105 mm. Also covers the angle of a 17-mm lens when used with the built-in Wide Panel.Bounce Angle (Up)0, 60, 75, 90 degreesBounce Angle (Right)0, 60, 75, 90 degreesBounce Angle (Left)0,60,75,90,120,150,180 degreesTilt angle (Down)0, 7 degreesDimensions (W X H X D)3.0 X 5.5 X 4.6 inch / 77 Ă— 139 Ă— 117mmWeight10.8 oz. / 305g (without batteries)

The sony is: http://www.adorama.com/ISOHVLF56.htm...ony&item_no=16
Type:Auto Locking Accessory Shoe ConnectionGuide Number:56 (at 85mm position, ISO 100)Zoom Range:24mm to 85mm, 17mm with wide panelBounce Capability:Able to bounce up and downSwivel Capability:Yes, left and rightAuto Settings:Auto zoomDimensions (W x H x D):
3 1/8 x 5 1/4 x 4 inches (W 77.5 x H 131 x D 99.5mm)
Weight:Approx: 13.1oz (370g)Special Features:High accuracy ADI in combination with D Lens (lens with built-in distance encoder)
High-speed synchronization feature for synching with high-speed shutters
Power supplyAA batteriesWireless FlashYesWide Angle PanelCovers angles of field up to 17 mm lens when using included wide panel

Any help from you guy with more exp would be great inwich flash will be better.
Well both the camera shops and Sony told me only Sony flashes work on the A100 But my minolta 5200 i Works great! The Minolta 3600,5200,5600, Sony's f36 am is supposed 2 be the best flash for the price I believe amazon has it for $199. the f56 I think is the equivalent to my 5200. And also sigma has there version of sony's the model starts with the same as the sony 36 & 56. From what I hear there the same as the sony's. I was seeing the minolta flashes going for a very cheap price last week on ebay, And my flash is more than I will ever need! plus it works great clip it on and it does all the work! It communicates with the camera telling it exactly what 2 do. I pretty much point and shoot when its on. I do use a diffuser too. Hope that helps a little?
I know Iread in the magic latern book that all the minolta maxum flasherss would work. I just want to get the best flash I can so later on I don't want somethingelse.
that is not right all will not work they have different shoes. and even with the adapter they dont fire right. I wish they all worked. then i'd have 4 flashes 4 my alpha.my 5200 is the nicest flash I have and it is all I will ever need.
I see what you are saying. I'm just looking for a flash that will be good for when the flagship model comes out. I will be upgrading then, but want a flash that will last and is worth it. The net seems to have alot better price so I can get more for the money thaa a camera store around where I live.

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