Which lenses for my Canon 60D?


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Jun 6, 2013
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Hello and greetings from the Lofoten islands,
I truly hope you can help me choosing some lens for my canon 60D. I'm on a tight budget but I'm tempted to buy two prime lens to serve all purposes. I love macro photography but I also take lots of pictures of landscapes. Super wide angles aren't my priority. I'm fortunate to live in a place of breathtaking beauty. The sharpest would be the better, preferably with image stabilization and a wide aperture. I don't use tripods.
Can you recommend me something?
You do not need image stabilization for landscape photography. While you can find prime lenses that have image stabilization at focal lengths of 100mm or longer, you wouldn't use such a lens for landscapes (yes... there are always exceptions, but we call them "exceptions" for a reason... they're not typical.) For a landscape on your camera, you'd probably want a focal length of around 16mm (give or take). Canon makes an EF-S 10-22mm that's very nice. As for primes, Canon makes 14, 20, and 24mm primes that qualify as "wide" angle on your camera (and they also make 28mm and higher but those aren't wide) but a few of those are L series lenses and are fairly expensive.

I'd go for the 10-22 (there are many stunningly beautiful landscapes taken with these lenses.) Sigma, Tokina, and Tamron all also make lenses in very similar focal lengths.

Short focal length lenses don't need image stabilization. But even if you were to use a really low shutter speed, if a camera isn't moving and a subject isn't moving then you can leave the shutter open as long as necessary. Just use a tripod. There are lightweight tripods that are no sweat to carry if you have to go on a hike to get a shot.
The sharpest would be the better, preferably with image stabilization and a wide aperture. I don't use tripods.
You'll likely never get the most sharpness out of any lens if you are shooting hand held all the time.
Thank you for your replies! The thing is that I venture mainly in some woodland and it might be really awkward to use a tripod on a very tricky ground composed of boulders, marshes, etc. I go for walks and take pictures every day and I'm not sure I'd like to carry a tripod each and every time (I also have the dog on the leash). If it was only occasional photography, yes, I would bother with a tripod, but it's not. Anyway, I will give it some thought. Thank you for the recommendations, it's a good start.

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