Which nikon flash is "worth it"?


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May 5, 2010
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I been looking at the sb-600 and the sb-800 regarding price difference and things how do these match up and which one is better to get?
I would go for the 800 myself. Can pick one up at a good price on Ebay. And it has more power, a build in bounce card (REALLY useful for me anyway) and a stand so you can place it on a tripod and use it for off camera flash.

If you have the cash though, splash out on the 900.. really nice flash :D
Not too long ago, I would've said get the 600.... everyone was clamoring for the 800's when they were discontinued, and even the used prices were in the stratosphere. Now the market has calmed back down, you can get a VG to mint condition 800 for about $300-$350 again, so if you've got the $$, that's the way I'd go.
The SB 900/800 have many more options that the 600 does.

If you find yourself in a bookstore, take a look at the Digital Field Guide book on the Nikon Creative Lighting System. The book is so-so on technique, but really describes in detail the different capabilities of each of the speed lights in the system and what it can do alone, and in combination with the entire line of nikon cameras. Certain cameras will be limited in their ability to use certain features.
The advantages the 800 have over the 600 are obviouly power output but also PC port and a more intuitive menu. The 800 also has a battery pack (1x AA) for quicker recycling times and a gel kit.
800 is a bigger number than 600. Get the 800!

BUT, 900 is a bigger number than 800..........
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I loved my SB 600, but the SB900 is fantastic. By far the best flash out there today! I plan on getting a few of them over the 580EX II's for my set up and I shoot Canon. The added power and flexibility over the 600's are really worth the little extra price. Failing that the SB800's would be a close second choice.
800 is a biggeer number than 600. Get the 800!

BUT, 900 is a bigger number than 800..........


To the OP, I would get the 800 over the 600 personally, for reasongs mentioned. Especially if your camera is a model without the built in commander. With the 800 you can add falshes on later using the 800 as a commader for wireless CLS.
800 is a biggeer number than 600. Get the 800!

BUT, 900 is a bigger number than 800..........

Thank you for making me laugh. I get great results from a 600. Of course,...I too will be getting the 900 soon. Cause it's a bigger flash,........drum roll,.......and a bigger number.
As usual, the only correct answer is....It depends!

The SB-600 can only zoom to 85 mm, the SB-800 to 105 mm, and the SB-900 to 200 mm

So pick the speedlight that can do what you need it to do.

In the end, the best images are most often made with speedlights that are not on the camera, are used in manual mode, are triggered wirelessly with radio signals, concurrent with manual exposure mode used on the camera.

Meaning, you don't necessarily even need a Nikon speedlight.

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