Which of these two do you prefer?


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Feb 15, 2010
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Los Angeles, CA
Well, I'm just a little over 100 days into my 365 (yes, I'm weird and started in the middle of May rather than January 1st). Today I stopped off in Malibu after work to grab dinner with a friend and had some time to kill, so I thought I would try to get a good surf themed pic as it was Malibu after all. None of my shots of actual surfers were anything great, but I was left with these two that I particularly liked and can't decide which I like better. Help me pick which shot should make it into my 365.

1. Still has the surf theme

2. Not surfing, but still a very Malibu shot

So.. which one do you like better?
To me the 1st one have more meaning because of the Women on the wall along with the Surfing board. Yes women do surf but as in most things, women don't get recognized enough so big up to all the women.
I, too, would choose the first one.
I'm not too keen on the grip of the rod falling into foreground blurriness, too - don't mind the background blurriness too much, but do mind the bit in the foreground. Hence 1.
I like #1 except for the aberration in the bottom left...

#2 would have been better had there been something on the right hand side of the photo to balance the subject on the left hand side...or perhaps more of an angle across the whole frame with the rod...
Thanks for the responses! Your input actually surprised me though, most everyone else I've shown these too has liked the fishing pole better. I agree it could have filled the frame more though.
I like the first one...cool pic :)

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