Which online class for photoshop?


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Aug 22, 2007
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First, I thank you for the input you all gave me about best way to learn photoshop. Most of you suggested the online training. Now I am torn between the lynda and Kelby training. Any suggestion, especially from those of you took or taking the training.

I thank you as usual.
With lynda you don't get the files that they use in the training unless you pay the premium price ($350 a year). With kelby you get the files for the $20 a month price. I'd start with Kelby. Lynda has a lot more programs and stuff, but I don't know if they have more on photoshop.
If you are going to pay for something... Why not just buy a book, you can buy a book that they use in classrooms at barns and noble or books a million. I saw the exact book there that i used in my first photoshop class.. Comes with a CD with lessons and such on it..

I would just do free online tutorials at first.
I'm reading through the photoshop for Dummies right now and I while I know that it doesn't teach you everything about photoshop, it does have a whole lot of good usefull information. I started three weeks ago reading it a little at a time then trying out what I had read on some photo's and I am pleased with how far I have come along. Before I started reading the book I had never used photoshop at all. Just my .02. Jason

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