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Apr 28, 2011
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I recenlty edited a photo that I thought was so much better than the SOOC but a couple of peoople told me they like the original better. I was wondering what you guys/gals think.

I prefer the original.. warm golden sunlight (although it could stand to be cranked down a touch). I think your edit is a bit too cyan / blue.. much too cool (blues in sky are way to saturated)! Somewhere between the original and your edit, maybe.
I like the first one better. With the first one, the bride and her dress stand out more.
I think I would like a hybrid of the two, kind of like what cpigson1 is referring to I think.

Otherwise, I prefer #1
I like both of them but I'm not sure which I like better and this is why:

1.) The warmness given off by the stained-glass castle creates an almost beautifully eerie image for the newly weds but they do stand out better. When I say eerie of course I don't mean, HEY look out! The gremlin brigade is behind the door!, But something more dramatic then the second one.

2.) This one is much more light hearted overall and the clouds look exceptionally more beautiful, vibrant and just to die for. But the newly weds are so much more, blended in. And the castle radiates heavenly (part in due to the supernovic clouds).

In terms of where I would want to be, I would much rather be in the second one, it's almost other worldly.

But in terms of the newly weds, I think they pop so much nicer in the first.

So I have no ultimate decision. But, seems like number one has the greater fan base, so far.
I like the warmer tones of the first one better. In the second photo the light looks harsher and the colours of the sky are not so nice. The first photo gets my vote :thumbup:
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Here is a hybrid of the two. Enhanced sky but left the church with warm colors. Let me know what you thank.

Of the two that we were asked to choose from, in my opinion, when I look at the first, warmer one, my attention is drawn away from the subject, which I see at the bride and groom. The building and light on the building draws my eyes away from them. The second, while not overall as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as far as warmth, your attention is not drawn away from the subject. My choice of the two would be the 2nd. However, MDCasino's hybrid of the two is spot on!

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