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Aug 12, 2007
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Louisville Kentucky
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I currently work in a corporate studio, but do on location photography on the side. I like to have photos in my home office for clients to see and I am wanting to put a few fresh portraits up, but can't decide. I need to narrow down to 2, Which two do you guys and gals like better?



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I really like #3. It's an interesting idea for a shot! With her pose and the chair being in the corn field, its very lonely and kind of desolate. Its very neat! I'm not a fan of #2, the position of her body and hands looks uncomfortable and her head (to me) looks odd how she is holding it. I do like selective color and normally am a fan but I would've liked to see a bit of color in the fields..almost a bit of desaturation, I think. I could be oblivious, but I don't see a difference in #1 & #4. It's a neat idea but she blends in way to much I think. I get the idea of keeping everything in neutral, earth tones however, it doesn't do anything for me. I do really like the third one, though! Good job! Hope to see more!
Number 3 is a standout. The pose, the monochrome, everything just goes together perfectly. I really like numbers 1 and 4, but the outfit contrasts too much with the setting, imho. It would be great if she was wearing a sexy country frock, but the sparkly semi-formal dress paired with the look on her face says one of two things to me: 1) She's wondering how she's going to get out of there in those heels without slipping in poo, or 2) She's in front of a blue screen and has been told she'll be pictured posing against a pole in a smoky, half-deserted club. It's a really interesting, creative shot, but I'm a girl, and I can't see the forest for the clothes.:p
#3 except I would really like to see it in color. She just seems really uncomfortable in the other two.
To those who said she was uncomfortable in the pictures...I agree. It was 28 Degrees and windy, plus she was afraid of the cows. I have photographed that farm a few times so we were attempting at something different. While she is very happy with the images, we are going to have another go at the session when it is warmer and she is done healing from her surgery. She really wanted to get wet in the creek, but I wasn't willing to get sick!
I would choose 3 & 5, or 1 & 5
You want something different to catch their eye, and then 1 to show the classic close up.
Since you updated your original post I'm going to add my second favorite! I really like the last one also. Your post processing looks good. My one nitpick would be that her nose looks a bit red. I assume that is because you mentioned it was so window and cold! BRR! I don't know if there is any way to adjust that in post processing....(I'm still learning! ;)) But it's a very good shot!
I think the dress was not the best choice, it doesn't help her stand out at all for me :(

I don't like the composition of the chair photos. I do like the idea. There is just to much sky and grass for me, I don't feel like SHE is the main subject of the photo even though she part of it.
4 and 5 are the best I think.
Thanks for everyones thoughts! You guys have been more then helpful. I will have to remember the clothing suggestion next time! (And less uncomfortable)

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