Whiskey and Coca-Cola ;)


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Nov 28, 2011
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My step-mom collects old bottles. Apparently the person who used to own our ranch house 6 years ago was both an alcoholic and a coke addict (see what I did there? :D ). Anyways, I LOVE the glistening qualities of bottles.





The last one is a composite of about 17 different images. There was a fence in the background that made a really ugly background even at my widest aperture. So I just locked my focus and blurred that stupid fence to oblivion.
Nice series, I really like the different textures of the glass you captured in the 2nd one.
#1 is my favorite.

#3 is good too, but #4 is too bright for my taste. :D
1 & 2 are very nice. The others don't really do it for me...

#2 would be my favorite, if I had to pick.
I like how #3 has just enough DOF to catch the texture of the trees in the background without it being distracting... And the sun makes it really stand out... You caught great light for these. Also, the shadows coming towards the shot from the bottles is really cool in 3.
#2 Is very cool. I love how the detail and textures of the bottles pop out at me!!
Fun set!!
Number 2 is my favourite too, love the warm glow of the back lighting and you've isolated the subject perfectly!
Actually, the fence seems to work really well as background in #3, where you have a lot of nice textures all around. #2 is nice also, but I'd like to see a little more of the bottles.
My favourite is number 2. Love it. :)
What lighting did you use? Was this natural light?

Yeah, all of the lighting was natural. I don't have gels for my flash, so it would have looked really blue if I used it against the glass. Been there, done that, not pretty. lol

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