white mountains, NH


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Mar 1, 2007
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im just getting around to processing photos from sept.

you guys think this one could use a crop?


sorry for the size
That dead tree at the bottom is super distracting, but I'm not sure you can do much about that. A PhotoShop wiz could take care of it probably. But other than that, I like the shot and I don't really think cropping out the bottom part with the tree would work, but you can try it. Brilliant colors and sharpness. Good shot.
Took a quick shot at editing out the tree because your profile shows that it's okay for people to edit your images...If it's not let me know and I'll take it down..

I would have liked to have seen something in the foreground, as it is now the trees all mesh together. Love the mountains though
very nice, a series with fall/winter would make an awesome overall piece...
that's a great idea mesoam! my father in law owns a b&b up there so it probably wouldn't be too hard of a goal to accomplish

Thanks for all the comments everyone!

and thanks for the edit firefighter, that gives me an idea how to keep the depth in the photo, but i think i def. need to do something with that half dead branch at the bottom.

Very nice picture. I really like how the sky came out. I would personally like to see less of the trees (although I do love trees), but that's just me. Keep up the good work!
i like the shot. have you heard of the thirds rule? a much better shot prolly with one third mtns 2 thirds shy, really really fun picture though
yes, i've heard of the rule of thirds, but i dont follow it for every photo i take

learn it, love it, then use it when you want

that's my take on it
To me, the little lakes in the bottom-center are too surreal. The color doesn't seem accurate enough to be 'real'. Makes me feel like the saturation was hiked up in photoshop, which is fine, but the lakes' color is hurting the photo for me. Otherwise i like it. Maybe play with cropping it to give in a more semi-panorama feel?
circular polorizer, and i messed with the contrast and curves a bit

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