Some shots from a 4 day weekend!

oh and they're big so i sent link so itll resize em to fir your monitor!
someone please! not trying to be rude jus gotta go soon.. thanks guys!
You are driving down the road / highway taking pics out the window ??? Not much in these of interest for me. Not feeling the power lines. Ya just gotta stop and get out of the car.
You are going to need to adjust the WB in these photo's to get the snow to look white. Otherwise you will get that blue haze type look in them. What kind of camera are you using. most camera's now come with editing software. And even Windows Vista can "fix" some of your pics with limited success, but it is better than nothing at all. And like Cappa said, stop the car jump out take a pic and jump back in. Other wise you need to zoom out far enough to not get a "motion blur" accross the bottom of the image.

Very interesting subject matter though. I love the mountains, kind of looks like Wyoming.
yeah its colorado, but im not the driver guys! im 14 almost 15 kinda a bumer i had amazing lighting coming through clouds and landing on a mountain, i wanted dad to stop but he didnt have room, i got pissed and started taking some shots, i kinda think its a gloomy feel to the snow, thanks so much for comments!

i just got a nikon d40x and am really into photography but jus started.

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