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Why bother?


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May 28, 2009
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This isn't a rant, although it will sound like it...

just a little story on peoples arrogance.

In college, on our second day,
The tutor was speaking about cameras as a girl asked him which to buy.

his reply: "Canon or nikon are recommended but DO NOT buy a sony as they have a weird shaped hot shoe meaning you cannot mount normal flash and stuff on it and you don't have many lenses unlike canon and nikon. and if you need help, I know more about canon and nikon than other brand models."

about 1 week later, that same girl comes in and says.
"I bought a new camera *woow :D* It is a sony."

tutor: "*omg wtf :(* Why did you buy a sony?"

girl: "*:O :( oh shi-* it was the cheapest there I didn't like the canon or nikon."

tutor: "well, it will have to do but it means you cannot use our accessories as they wont fit your camera, but it will do for this course."

Moral of the story?
If you ask what camera, and go against what people tell you, why bother.

But the course I am in now, about 75 - 90% know little to nothing about photography (aperture, shutter, iso etc...)
yet, when I applied last year, they asked for a 50 image portfolio with really good shots that showed various techniques off...
I didn't get in last year as my portfolio was only 14 images.

so how these people got in... I have no idea!
Some of them don't even know how to use a computer :l
They got in by taking 50 images and paying the price for the course. You only had 14 images that you thought were portfolio level while others just might have put in 50 average photos.
Bums on seats - sometimes colleges don't care as much about grades when they just want people through the door and paying the fees. Further as Heck said different people grade a portfolio on different levels - clearly you had more strict guidlines for yourself than some of the others did and the college did.

You can rest easy though that many will either scrap through a low grade or drop out after one year. Some others will use it as a chance to get further though and some of those early 1st year dunces might come to be your superiors in 3 years time.

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