why muslin?


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Jan 26, 2008
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ok so after reading a couple articles on making your own backdrops etc...they all seem to say use muslin. my question is why? ive used a whole bunch of things from shower curtains to sheets and they seem to be just fine. my lighting in studio photography always sucks :( but thats a completely different beast and prolly jsut need to stop being cheap and buy a studio lighting set besides the point....but anyways yeah WHY MUSLIN? :er:
Mainly professionalism. If someone hangs a portrait of them in a pose on muslin, anyone who walks up to it immediately thinks it was taken by a professional in a studio.

Personally, I think that muslin's a bit boring for anything other than a group portrait; as soon as it's only one or two people, I'd have taken the shot outside and used some nice creamy bokeh instead of muslin as a backdrop, but that's just me.
I'd guess because it's cheapish and easy to use.

Many studio shots will be shot against a white brick/stone/concrete background, sometimes they'll use something neutral but non-white etc.

It all depends what your aims.
I.hate.muslin :)

Seemless is so much better. (just personal preference I guess) plus you dont have to get the wrinkles out. But I dont do much studio stuff....mostly outdoors.
I like muslin becuase it's not very expensive, you can dye them any color or pattern you want. The wrinkles aren't an issue for me. I keep my subjects far enough away from the background that it's nice and blurry.
Ummm I could be wrong but its about reflectivity. I cheeped out and got a few largish pieces ( black,white and grey) of felt to use as backdrops. They are made from recycled plastic bottles . The way they reflect light is a bit different then muslin as one would expect. Its about getting the same result every time.

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