Why This Forum Has So Many Fashion Retailer Ads?


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Dec 5, 2007
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Just makes me curious. I sort of doubt that the forum has predominantly women...
"Ads by Google"

And it probably reads your location and/or browsing history to target the ads that you see. Most of the ones I see are for 'Edmonton' businesses or photography related.
One of our site admin has a distinct concern for the number of male (and female sadly) photographer who lack a sense of modern fashion. Thus as a result they have taken it upon themselves to ensure that we get more fashion based ads to try and get some of us to weaken into clicking them - the hope being that after exposure to fashion we will advance out of our beards; wide brimmed hats; flip-flops (for the nikon lot at any rate) and photographers vests and into the modern age of 21st century fashion.

Its either that or one of our female admin staff has a birthday coming up and they are dropping hints to their significant other through the sites ads.

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