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    A friend runs a realtor/estate agent office, and wants a compact with a zoom that goes as wide as c.24mm (35mm equivalent) for photographing interiors. He doesn't really want a DSLR as it's very dusty here (he doesn't want the lens removed), and in any case the camera will be used by people who know little about cameras. And even a cheap DSLR with a reasonable ultra-wide-angle zoom will cost far more than he wants to invest in a camera that is likely to be subjected to (uninformed and unintentional) abuse.

    I looked at the G9 plus extension w/a lens, but not only is that a pretty clumsy combination but the flash can't be used with the w/a lens attached. The Nikon P80 seemed possible as it goes to 27mm, but it is reported as a flawed camera with so-so IQ. There is a Sony that goes to 31mm (again, 35mm equivalent) but that's probably not quite wide enough.

    Does anyone know of a camera that meets the spec? - a compact with fixed lens, zoom as wide as c.24mm, decent IQ, built-in flash that works with the lens at its widest.


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