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    (Not sure if this was the place to post this)

    US$100 FOR THE WINNING LOGO!! There are just 2 weeks remaining to have your entries into the station! Yup - 16 days left and all you have to do is submit "up to 3" images that you think would make GREAT logo's for our radio station. is all about music, your music. We specialise in the search, ansd promotion of young telent. You know the stuff that kakes the hairs on your arms stand up.... However we also host your favourite music, we accept your requests and dedications. 1-luvradio will also become a voice on issues that may effect us all, through active and interactive radio talkback and interviews.
    MUSIC has no boundaries as far as we are concerned, but it must possess one quality - IT MUST BE GOOD music! [​IMG]
    Thankyou for visiting our space, please feel welcome in making it your space too. Get your logo creations in now, and YOU could be the lucky winner, and select goods to the value of US$100!!


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