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Dec 16, 2003
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I don't know if you would consider this "Dark Side" enough...but here they are anyway.



Neat shots!
Might I suggest B&W versions? I'm a sucker for B&W pics and I think these would look really neat like that :)
also, darkside doesnt have to be graves and cemeteries...

just unknown.... or scary..or just questionable...if its not light.. its dark..

i love the first shot...that really comes across creepy...

thinking your getting pulled in mike....*feel the draw??*
yea i agree, the worn down look of these makes them dark and raven said i dont think dark HAS to mean the b+w cem look...... one of my fav dark films is 'blue velvet', David Lynch isn't a 'horror' film maker, but can still freak you out!...... good stuff with these :thumbup:
Hooey, like these pics Big Mike. As Mohain said, they've got lots of atmosphere.
You been pokin' 'round my back yard Mike? These are great and, yeah, they're dark enough. Very eerie atmosphere. #2 is my fave mainly because of the sheer curtain. I can almost imagine a hideously old and evil person in the room watching me... bent and bony finger pointing at me, long yellow nail waiting to scratch at my eyes....
Yep - dark enough...
Big Mike got dragged in too. right on..!!!!!!!!!! Love these shots Mike.
Welcome ....grab your coffin, and hang here for a bit.
Diggin these shots! Lovin the last one. I think b&w conversion is a must here. :thumbup:

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