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Joel Bolden

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Sep 2, 2020
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Stormstown, Pennsylvania
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Around this area many people still live in the old log cabins/homes that were built in the mid-1800's. I was driving last winter through a small farming community close to me that has several. Took this shot with my Pentax K-70/50-200 kit lens and a newly purchased B&W F-Pro(102) ND filter.
That put a shiver down me. It looks so cold in a nice way.

I'd get rid of the vapour trail and you have a couple of dust bunnies on the left and across the top.
This area of Pennsylvania is known as the Scotia Barrens, and is the coldest spot in the State. Removed the vapor trail and the dust bunnies....I really need to clean my computer screen :).
That's better man. Much cleaner. I like.

I won't ask why yer computer screen is so dirty:nightmare:
I like the blue winter scene.
Nice shot and I love log cabins. I wonder how this one is heated.

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